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The Easy Way to Protect Your Download Pages

Stop the World from Sharing your Thank You Pages, your Download Pages and the Related Content! 

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Most of people when planning to sell a product on-line are concerned about security issues: 

That is right because your hard work might be shared for free, but when it comes to security issues you didn't have many options: 

You can buy an expensive protection script or 

You can hire someone to take care of security issues or 

You can have some external companies take care of it for you. 

All these options are quite expensive especially if you're starting your own business and often: people starting to sell something don't take care of security issues at the beginning planning to take care of it if the business will grow up (and the budget too) But doing so: it happens that the products are stolen and the security is implemented when it's too late

Now there's The Solution even if you're very low on budget

the DownloadPageProtector


Protect istantly your download pages from sharing. 

Even if somebody share your download page or even if it is indexed in search engines  it will be istantly protected

Here's an example: You can freely download the Download Page Protector Full software that you can find on this page (if you're able to you're wellcome)  

Easy to install: 

You can integrate this protection into any new or already existing environment in less than 2 minutes even if you're a total newbie. 


it' fully integrated with any payment processor because it actually protect your thank you pages and/or your download pages and do not need to create new one like most competitors: this mean that even if your pages are already indexed on search engines or are already shared: you don't need to worry about it: they'lle be anyway protected. 

Solves:   the security to obscurity issue.

Dirty cheap: 

You can choose from 3 license and one upgrade to match your actual and future needs.  

..and easily protecting your products from unauthorized access make this code pay itself several times in almost no time.

Earn more: 

this code will not make you sell more itself, but limiting the people from stole your product can increase your revenue. Often people stole your content (expecially PDF ZIP files etc.) without even knowing they're stealing it: they simply find the page on a search engine and they use it. 

High Performance: 

will not overload your server neighter will increase significantly your bandwith usage.


this code is pure PHP, you can install it on any PHP 4.x or above with register global on; no need of databases like MySQL or anything else.  To install it yourself you only need to be able to use the Notepad (or other text editor), to copy and paste two lines of preformatted code (no need to edit anything) and to upload it to your site (using any FTP software)

This is not: an encryption software, but can handle encrypted pages (https ssl) 

While you are reading this page: someone might be sharing your content and, if so, you're loosing your money right now! 

Buy the Download Page Protector right now and have it up and running in the next few minutes. And forget people sharing your pages.

 Buy it now!
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Choose the license that suites your needs. And forget people sharing your pages.

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