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Frequently Asked Questions.

I'm using a template to build my site, can I use this code? 

Yes, as long as your hosting support PHP 4.x or above and have the register_global feature on you can use it.  (fully supports PHP 5.x)

Can you tell me a host that support this script for sure?

Yes, actually we use a Linux hosting on GoDaddy to run it; you can check the features here. 

I host my site on a subdomain can I use this code?

Yes, as long as your sale page and your protected page are on the same subdomain.

I have my sale page on a domain, but the related download page is on another domain, can I use this code to protect it?

No, this function is not supported at this time.

I've made the basic install of your code and I'm quite happy, but now that my business is growing fast I want to move to the advanced one: what I need to do with the old one?

To switch to the advanced use your backup files of the main page and follow the istructions for the advanced installation. Moving from one istallation to the other you don't need to edit your protected pages (even if in the future you want to downgrade).

I have an affiliate program on my site: will this script work with it?

Yes, we have an affiliate program too and this script work the same way regardless of wich type of affiliate program you run as long as your sale page and your protected pages are on the same domain. (This code do not handle files delivered from pages ouside your domain or subdomain) 

Do you reccomend this script to handle membership sites?

No, this script is to be used to protect thank you pages and download pages etc. but do not handle memberships.

If you didn't find an answer to your question contact us.

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